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Book Launch: Mastering Solution Delivery


You are invited to the highly anticipated launch of the book "Mastering Solution Delivery" at the exquisite Efie Gallery, where art and intellect intertwine to create pure magic. 

The Book
Curated, Edited and Published by Obi Omoregie, Mastering Solution Delivery presents the insights of 30 professionals from 15 countries across 5 continents, to bring you the ultimate guide to conquering the challenges of our ever-evolving world.  



The Venue
As you step into
Efie Gallery,  you'll be immersed in a visual feast of African artistry. The walls adorned with an extraordinary collection of artworks by talented creatives, showcasing the vibrancy and diversity of the African art scene. It's a celebration of culture, creativity, and the power of artistic expression. 

Save The Date
Saturday, 17th June 2023, 4:00pm 
Join in for an evening that will delight your senses and ignite your passion for both literature and art. 

Network with leading industry experts, business leaders, art enthusiasts, and be prepared to grab your very own signed copy. 


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