Obiajulum means "Now My Heart Can Rest"

19 March 1984

3rd of 3 (hence the name)

Sep 2012 Moved to the UAE

04 Apr 2019 Married Katerina

31 Jan 2021 (became a dad). Theo Kenechi (Kid #1) 

baby theo.png

Target: 40 before 40

60% Complete


Travel Junkie

The Sportsman

Snowboarding in Georgia (Country)
Snowboarding in Georgia (Country)

Snowboarding in Georgia (Country)
Snowboarding in Georgia (Country)


I am fascinated by the world of sports (all sports in general). Part my competitive side, the other part my explorative edge, discovering a sport and channeling my attention to understanding the rudiments of its skill is one I enjoy. As a starting point guard for my college basketball team, basketball remains my first love and one i actively still participate in. 

In 2017 I began my journey into Snowboarding right in the desert at Dubai's indoor Ski Slopes (Ski Dubai)", 3-years on, and winter holidays are a constant, with me exploring slopes around Europe.

Cycling provided the primary means of physical exercise during the pandemic due to Covid-19 social distancing restrictions. It was an introduction to an entirely new world I never knew existed. I achieved my first century (100km) in November 2020 and continue to build stamina in this new sport. 

Like the saying goes, "I had no idea i was creating memories, just thought i was having fun".


Dance embellishes my desire for travel. Through dance I fully immerse myself in new cultures, stories and practices. In recent times I have performed professionally (Salsa LA style) in Cyprus, Abudhabi (UAE) and Lebanon to an audience of dance enthusiasts at latino festivals. Next to projects, this is one thing I am truly passionate about. 

Salsa Festival Lebanon
Salsa Festival Lebanon

Salsa Festival Lebanon
Salsa Festival Lebanon


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